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Natural News: Treatment of Disease Conditions: Comparing Allopathic Prescription Drugs to Professional Natural Medicine

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Treatment of Disease Conditions: Comparing Allopathic Prescription Drugs to Professional Natural Medicine  


You may have heard the saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." It means that the little things we do now can save us from having to take more drastic measures later. Nowhere is this more true than in health.

Often people neglect paying the "ounces of prevention" along the way, and it comes back to bite them, as evidenced by the prevalence of disease in today's society. A healthy lifestyle and natural products can do wonders, especially in prevention. However, it should be noted that not all natural products are equal. For instance, a product that has more filler than active ingredients is probably not worth the money or effort to take it. If you take a high potency, USP pharmaceutical grade supplement, though, your efforts will be rewarded.

Did you know that Switzerland has just ruled complementary medicine as a mandatory health insurance service? The Swiss have the right idea here; they are investing in prevention now to reduce the medical system burden later. On the flip side of this, the World Obesity Federation has proposed reclassifying the preventable condition of obesity as a disease. Some countries have already done this.

Classifying obesity as a disease is the wrong direction to take, as the implications are multifaceted. First, it removes individual responsibility; the lifestyle choices that were made for the added weight gain are set aside, as the core health issues remain unchanged. The individual power for change is passed from the individual to the medical system each and every time a health condition is classified as a disease. It becomes easier when seen as a victim--“What I can do? I have a disease.” The system then assumes the power; the symptoms of obesity are treated, while the core issues remain. Obesity takes a hefty toll on the body and the mind in the following ways: high blood pressure; diabetes; stroke; heart attacks; some cancers; gallbladder disease and gallstones; osteoarthritis; gout; breathing problems, such as sleep apnea (when a person stops breathing for short episodes during sleep); and asthma.

When a health condition becomes a disease, who really benefits: the individual, or the near bankrupt medical system? No, the only ones that benefit are the drug manufacturers as they assume power over the individual and the medical system, and, of course, earn money in treating the multiple health symptoms of the new disease, obesity. This is a very dangerous pathway to take and I hope common sense is used before deciding. Instead of classifying weight gain as a disease, it would be better to change the quality of our food and implement the removal of all sugar, for these two steps alone could make all the difference in the world. The one question: do we really want to change the quality of our food supply? Sadly, I don’t think we do.    

Instead of waiting and paying the "pound of cure," consider trying an "ounce of prevention" instead. Naturopathic Pediatrics recommends these steps:
  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Teach children about "sometimes" foods vs. everyday foods
  • Teach children to pay attention to the signals from their body (re: when they are full)
  • Encourage exercise and time outside
  • Do physical activity together as a family
  • Limit screen time to no more than 2 hours on any day
  • Avoid exposure (as best you can) to endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • Encourage healthy gut bacteria (our Laktokhan can also be beneficial for this step)
Thydracut® is a unique and individualized weight loss formula designed by a naturopathic doctor for endocrine balance. Weight loss via the thyroid and adrenal glands, combined with naturally-derived iodine from organic kelp and fermented L-tyrosine. Thydracut® is formulated to increase metabolism by stimulating the body’s own production of thyroxin, a key thyroid hormone, and desiccated adrenal gland to help counteract the negative effects of adrenal fatigue. This product is produced to provide weight loss without stimulation by balancing your individual hormone levels. Imbalanced hormones are one of the main causes of weight gain, especially for those 40+ who are on calorie restrictive diets with little or no results.

With over 10 years of experience, Bond Consulting is a leader in the SR&ED industry. The SR&ED program is designed to support innovative companies with cash reimbursements from the Canadian Government due to their private R&D efforts. (

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