Thursday, June 1, 2017

Natural News: Dual Hormone Imbalance: Estrogen and Testosterone Affecting Both Sexes with Aging

Dual Hormone Imbalance: Estrogen and Testosterone Affecting Both Sexes with Aging  


Age-related hormonal changes are a concern for both men and women. Men are concerned about testosterone, and women are concerned about estrogen. However, many forget that men and women have both hormones. In fact, during middle age, along with a decline in testosterone, many men experience an increase in estrogen, as well. Surprisingly, some studies have found that the estrogen levels of an average 54-year-old man are actually higher than those of the average 59-year-old woman.

Scientists are now beginning to study the dual hormones across both sexes. In one study, 400 men aged 20 to 50 agreed to have their testosterone production shut off for 16 weeks. Half of those received varying amounts of testosterone, and the other half also had estrogen synthesis shut off so that the effects of testosterone only could be studied. One of the subjects, who was a 28-year-old Harvard graduate student, was in the group that received testosterone; he noticed no difference. However, several others in the study who had no estrogen production began experiencing hot flashes.

So, how can men keep hormones balanced? If men and women have both hormones, what is the answer?

For both men and women, we recommend our HgH Homeopathic. One study found GH increased LBM and decreased fat mass in both men and women. When GH was combined with sex steroids, men experienced marginally increased muscle strength and oxygen uptake.

Both men and women could also benefit from Recovery H Cream. This healing cream contains chrysin, which prohibits testosterone conversion to estradiol. However oral chrysin is poorly absorbed, so its benefits are best experienced when applied topically. Also, Recovery H Cream is high in arginine, which is beneficial for both men and women, especially in libido and GH release.

For men, we also recommend Fiery Male® and Zinc Picolinate, as both of these products block estrogen conversion.

For women, we recommend Progest Liposome Cream for optimal estrogen-progesterone balance.

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