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Couples Struggle with Infertility

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Couples Struggle with Infertility  

Recently, the Cochrane Eagle ran a story on a young couple, Ayla and Caleb Langford, who are documenting their struggle. They are 23 and have been married for 3 years. Their struggle is with infertility. Aside from the emotional heartache, they have also accumulated over $40,000 in debt due to unsuccessful IVF (in vitro fertilization) and IUI (intrauterine insemination). Sadly, infertility is a prevalent concern in Canada, with one in six couples facing infertility.

For men, erectile dysfunction and declining sperm count are the major concerns, especially after the age of 41. In fact, between the ages of 41 and 45, male fertility decreases 7% per year. Vital Link noted that in the last 50 years, sperm levels have declined from 113 million/mL in 1940 to 66 million/mL in 1990. The researchers concluded that this is likely due to the increase of environmental estrogens, oxidative stress, and STDs. For women, ovulation has steadily declined over the last 30 years. If conception is achieved, frequent miscarriages point to the deterioration of the human reproductive system.

Estrogens have become more prevalent in the environment due to the increased use of oral contraceptives; estrogen leaves the body through urination, but it is often not removed in waste treatment, and is then redeposited in tap water. Some herbicides and pesticides, as well as phthalates, can also harm sperm production. BPA can also inhibit androgens. BPA exposure contributed to a 4x greater risk of inhibited sperm motility.

These challenges are significant, but they can be overcome. Lifestyle choices are one important piece of the puzzle. High fat foods can also be detrimental to sperm health. Similarly, trans-fat consumption is related to lower semen parameters, including volume. Eating healthy, not smoking, drinking only in moderation, limiting exposure to chemicals, and keeping smartphones at least 1 foot from the genital area can be helpful. GMOs are also dangerous, and avoiding them is crucial, especially for couples trying to conceive. If you’re looking to have a child, it’s also a good idea to avoid hot tubs, as sperm like cool temperatures.

Also, avoid glyphosate. Multiple papers on rodent studies have indicated disruption of the male reproductive system by glyphosate, used in the herbicide Roundup. Acute treatment of 60-day-old male Sprague-Dawley rats to Roundup® caused a marked increase in aromatase mRNA in testicular tissue,[56] likely reflecting an increase in production due to suppression of the activity of aromatase (CYP 19), accompanied by abnormal sperm morphology. Aromatase participates in both hormone synthesis and metabolism. It is an important enzyme in testes that converts testosterone to estrogen, thus regulating the balance of sex hormones. In similar studies, consequences for sperm included a decline in sperm volume and concentration, as well as a decline in semen initial fructose and osmolality.

Natural supplementation can also be helpful, provided that you do your homework to find a product that has natural ingredients with a proven track record. Life Choice® has a licensed male enhancement product, Fiery Male®, which helps enhance male physical capacity and performance. The components of this formula are designed not as a shortcut, but as one piece of the fertility solution. Ingredients such as Panax ginseng root, royal jelly, horny goat weed, fermented L-Arginine, and a total of 16 clinically tested ingredients help Fiery Male® work from the inside out to balance hormones levels and, over time, produce reliable, lasting results.

L-Arginine by itself is also great for reproductive issues. Studies suggest that sexual maturity may be delayed by arginine deficiency, implying that arginine is useful in treating sterility in men. It is found in high concentration in the skin and connective tissues, making it helpful for healing and repair of damaged tissue.

For women, the hormone balancing ingredients in Progest Liposome Cream have shown their ability to increase the reproductive system, reduce vaginal dryness, and lessen anxiety and irritability. Balanced Female works in conjunction with Progest Cream, balancing hormones from the inside out.

A couple once mentioned that they were worried about their ability to conceive. The gentleman started taking Fiery Male and L-Arginine, while the lady was on Balanced Female, Progest Liposome Cream, and L-Arginine. Much to their surprise, soon after, she became pregnant with twins!

While outside medical intervention may be needed for some infertility cases, we recommend trying all available natural avenues first for the best chance at pregnancy.

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