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The Health Dangers of Using Anti-Depressant "SSRI" Medication

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The Health Dangers of Using Anti-Depressant "SSRI" Medication 

SSRIs may be common prescriptions for depression, but this does not mean they are safe.

Documentarian Katinka Newman 
shared her experience with The Daily Mail. After her divorce and subsequent move, Newman began self-medicating with alcohol and sleeping pills to cope. Impatient for relief, she consulted with a psychiatrist and received a prescription for escitalopram (Prozac). After taking the first pill, Newman says she increasingly became "a self-harming, hallucinating, suicidal wreck." Various physicians she visited believed the side effects were symptoms of her condition and not the medication, so they would try new drugs. Within a year, Newman was on 5 drugs, including antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. After realizing she did not want to continue on in such a bad state, Newman went to a private hospital, where she was taken off all SSRI's. Despite having severe withdrawal symptoms initially, she began to feel better as the drugs left her system.

Selma Eikelenboom, medical director at Independent Forensic Services in Colorado, has a theory as to why SSRI's can turn certain people into timebombs. According to Newman, "[Eikelenboom] believes a lot of people who react badly to antidepressants have a particular gene mutation (called a polymorphism) which means their bodies are unable to break down the drugs. Instead they become toxic . . . Dr Eikelenboom has used her test on a number of people who have killed while on antidepressants, including the ‘Batman killer’, James Holmes. She reports that mutations on four of Holmes’s genes mean that he could not metabolise the SSRI antidepressant Zoloft he was given."

Eikelenboom also tested Newman and found that she could not process SSRI's, either.

The mind-altering effects of SSRI's have been 
implicated in several crimes. However, even in assuming the best-case scenario, SSRI's may not be worth the trouble. The FDA has issued warnings, and even Psychology Today published an article citing 5 reasons to avoid SSRI's. Those reasons were: 
  1. An AMA study found that they are no more effective than placebos. 
  2. MedPage Today found a study from Columbia University and Johns Hopkins stating that doctors usually prescribe multiple SSRI's and other psychopharmacological drugs, despite no strong studies supporting such dosing.
  3. Formerly common issues such as shyness, abnormal sex drive, and sadness are now being classified as "diseases." If these "diseases" happen to respond to medication, more prescriptions will be given, perpetuating the cycle.
  4. Overmedication is already a grave problem, and SSRI's are major contributors to that problem.
  5. There is no scientific benchmark for "normal" serotonin levels; what is abnormal for one person may be normal for another. 
SSRI's are effectively a game of Russian Roulette. Meanwhile, natural products like Kava have been found to be very helpful for both anxiety and depression.

Why run the risks inherent in SSRI's when a safe and natural healing alternative is available with supportive clinical evidence? Isn’t it time we looked to what nature has provided instead of prescribing harmful SSRI medication with life-changing consequences? Follow the science and discover Life Choice®. 


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