Friday, July 1, 2016

Health News: Overdosed Seniors

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Overdosed Seniors


Recently, Global News ran a report covering the overuse of prescription medication in senior citizens.

From the data, which covers 6 provinces, researchers estimate the total cost of over-prescription to be almost $2 billion. Prescriptions for seniors are not only more costly, but also more medically complicated. According to Prof. Steve Morgan of the University of British Columbia, the physiological changes associated with aging alter the effects of many drugs. Although seniors should no longer be on these drugs, their doctors do not recommend alternatives. 

Dr. James Silvius, a geriatrician at Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary, estimated that 60 per cent of his patients take a sleeping pill, but only 5 per cent should be. Similar problems have been observed with anti-psychotic medication. In 2014, "about 51 per centof seniors with highly aggressive behaviours were taking anti-psychotics."

With such alarming statistics in play, health care providers are reconsidering their use of prescriptions in elderly patients. For example, the Trinity Village Care Centre in Kitchener has introduced music programs, memory programs, and art programs with good results. In fact, while their previous statistic for anti-psychotic medication was 28 per cent before, after implementing the programs, it has fallen to 6 just per cent.

Government organizations are getting involved, too. In 2015, the Canadian Institute for Health Research formed a council with the goal of reducing inappropriate prescriptions by 50 per cent by 2018. Provinces have also banded together to form the Canadian Deprescribing Network, designed to help taper seniors off drugs.

Problems like these have gone on too long, and we are glad to see the health community taking action. Hopefully these positive steps can continue and more natural products can be used in treating seniors. We have some recommendations to begin with below: 
  • For Increased T-Cell Count:Thymus Gland, 3 per day
  • For Immunity: L-Lysine 1,000 mg 6 per day
  • For Healthy Gut Immunity: Laktokhan 2 per day, and Digestive Enzyme 2 per day
  • For Prostate Health: Healing Male 3 per day
  • For Anti-Aging, Increased Immunity, and Sleep: Melapure Melatonin 3 mg’s per day
  • For Liver Detox, Pain Control, and Mood Balance: SAMe 80 drops per day--Animal studies have shown that SAMe may also stop or slow the growth of cancer cells and blood vessels that feed tumors
  • For Bone/Joint Health, Tooth Sensitivity, and Remineralization of Trace Minerals: Opti Cal/Mag with K2 4 capsules per day
  • For Healthy Sex Organs: Zinc Picolinate & Fiery Male (aphrodesiac, increased libido and testosterone)

With over 10 years of experience, Bond Consulting is a leader in the SR&ED industry. The SR&ED program is designed to support innovative companies with cash reimbursements from the Canadian Government due to their private R&D efforts. (

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