Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Health News: Colon Cancer In The Young

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Colon Cancer in the Young


A recent study from the University of Toronto found that colorectal cancer is becoming increasingly common in Canadians under age 50. The average rate of increase was 1.28 per cent per year. Part of the issue, according to the report, is that young people wait to report unusual symptoms until it is too late. While this has not yet become prevalent enough for Health Canada to change the recommended screening age, it underscores the importance of being observant in one's own health, and speaking up if things do not seem normal.

While age and genetics play a role in cancer development, environmental factors are important, too. In fact, the 
NIH stated that changes in food habits alone could reduce the risk of cancer by up to 70 per cent. Obesity and inactivity are also important environmental factors, accounting for between one fourth and one third of colorectal cancer. This is not even including the risks of GMO's and environmental toxins.

When the odds against health are stacked so high, we must be vigilant in observing the risk factors and controlling the ones that we can control. A healthy, organic diet; regular exercise; and clean living are great first steps to live a healthier life. To supercharge preventative health, though, we also recommend supplements.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences reviewed several studies about the role of probiotics and protection against colon cancer. The studies discussed multiple angles from which probiotics can help in colon cancer prevention, including: "anticarcinogenic effects, antimutagenic properties, modification of differentiation processes in tumor cells, production of short chain fatty acids, and alteration of tumor gene-expressions." They concluded that these results warranted further study into the true potential of probiotics.

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