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Probiotics for Vaginal Yeast Infection and Fertility

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Probiotics for Vaginal Yeast Infection and Fertility Anti


As the Mayo Clinic states, yeast infections are caused by the candida fungus. While some candida is normal, when candida growth becomes uncontrolled, yeast infections occur.

Some common causes of yeast infections may include:
  • Antibiotics
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Lowered immune system
  • Hormone therapy, including oral contraceptives
Douching is also a bad idea, as it removes the normal bacterial flora in the vagina.

Yeast infections can also interfere with healthy fertility. The two pathogens actually invade together. When this happens, the inner vagina gets inflamed and becomes a very inhospitable environment for sperm before they reach the female egg, thus leading to infertility. 

Normally, Lactobacillus bacteria, such as the bacteria in our Laktokhan probiotic, curb candida growth. This is why the strains present in Laktokhan can be helpful in curbing yeast infections. Probiotics are normally taken orally but they can also be used as vaginal suppositories to locally re-establish the balance of bacteria--studies have been performed on the strains found in Laktokhan. In one 
study, 93% of women who received L gasseri LN40Lactobacillus fermentum LN99L. casei subsp. rhamnosus LN113 and P. acidilactici LN23 vaginally for 5 days were cured of their issues with in 2-3 days. Probiotics prevent the colonization of the vagina with yeast and harmful bacteria. After any antibiotic treatment, It is a good idea to replenish the vagina with good bacteria.

As previously seen, Laktokhan is also important for mental health. Because probiotics are anti-inflammatory, they may not only be helping the stomach, but also the brain. A study conducted at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario, found that when mice were depleted of healthy gut bacteria, they became depressed and anxious. When given a probiotic, however, anxiety-reducing chemicals flooded their brains, leading to an improved disposition in the mice.

Taking a cue from these findings, another study at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto 
examined whether probiotics could be used to treat bipolar disorder.

Dr. John Bienenstock, director of the Brain-Body Institute at St. Joseph’s, stated, “Psychiatry may well find that there are many factors in the intestines that promote the expression of anxiety, depression, and so on, so looking inside the brain only is not the only way of looking at things. This is a revolution in itself.”

Laktokhan contains all the crucial strains for your body's needs. Probiotics are crucial to many aspects of life; for the best probiotic, trust Laktokhan. 

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