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Stress Strategies

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Stress Strategies

Stress is a common occurrence; after all, as the Canadian Mental Health Association defines it, stress is simply a reaction to a situation(s). While there is some comfort in knowing that the source of stress is technically within our control, we often do not feel we have sufficient mental or emotional tools to cope with challenging situations.

Because life stressors can range from milestone to mundane, how we keep ourselves in check is important. The 
CMHA recommends keeping both short and long term stress management techniques in mind. Here are a few of their recommendations:
  • Identify the problem. Sometimes a source of stress is easy to identify; other times, something that seems surface-level is actually hiding emotional issues that are much deeper. 
  • Solve problems as they come up. This is a tool not only for short term stress management, but also long term. Think about all possible options and choose the best one; then, break that option down into smaller manageable steps to make the next step less intimidating.
  • Simplify your lifeThoreau may have been onto something when he said, "The rule is to carry as little as possible." This is even more challenging in today's constantly connected world. However, if complications are becoming damaging to your mental health, it may be time to re-prioritize.
  • Learn helpful thinking strategies. Are you considering situations and people (including yourself) objectively? If you are predisposed to automatically view things in a negative light, you may needlessly exacerbate stress.
  • Learn about stress management. As the saying goes, no person is an island. Outside resources (counselling, books, etc.) for stress management can be tremendously helpful.
  • Start on the inside. Prayer, meditation, and similar practices can help cultivate a calmer state of mind.
  • Get active. Physical activity can burn off both calories and stress. Find an activity you enjoy and use it to melt away your frustrations.
  • Do something you enjoy. Make time for things you enjoy doing. Taking a mental break from worries is very beneficial.
It should also be noted that some more unhealthy methods of coping with stress, such as overeating, excessive alcohol intake, and smoking can cause more damage later. In fact, a recent CTV report found that in Canada, cancer from a history of smoking is on the rise. Those with a "30 pack year history" are especially vulnerable--meaning, those who smoked a pack a day for 30 years or 2 packs a day for 15 years.

Kava liquid can help kickstart your de-stress routine and prevent lung cancer. Kava has been safely consumed ceremonially in the South Pacific and other parts of the world. The earliest European knowledge of Kava dates back to the late 1700s, with the journeys of Captain Cook. Today, usage of Kava beverages in tropical climates is similar to the use of alcoholic beverages in the West. However, the plant from which the beverage is made also has useful properties for anxiety, hyperactivity, stress, and restlessness. A 2014 study also found that Kava may prevent the development of tobacco smoke-induced lung cancer.

Choosing high quality Kava is important, as unlicensed Kava is still considered high risk by Health Canada. The plant cultivar, the part of the plant, and the age of the plant are all factors in finding the best Kava. When true 5 year noble Kava roots are used, the product is perfectly safe and very effective for treating anxiety and stress. Sadly, just licensing the product does not guarantee that all Kava products are using top quality material. Doctor's Choice uses the proper plant parts of the highest quality: 5 year noble roots grown in Vanuatu--even the Medicine Hunter visits the growing sites where Doctor's Choice purchases our raw material to ensure an effective, safe, therapeutic product.

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