Friday, November 27, 2015

The Responsibility of Product Quality

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The Responsibility of Product Quality

CBC recently aired investigations by Marketplace and the Fifth Estate looking at the supplement industry. Several of the companies mentioned in the report have since responded, but the report shed light on legitimate customer concerns.

We must be able to have an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs; public trust has greatly waned for this group too. The alternative must be of the same high quality as used in the pharmaceutical industry, but without the damaging side effects and with GMP quality manufacturing. Testing must become the assurance consumers look for when buying natural food supplements; it is time to raise the standards straight across the board.

Suppliers have a responsibility to their customers, for what is on the label must be what is in the product. Product quality without a company’s ethical value and proper oversight leaves too great a gap for speculation. Management without moral consciousness will resort to all levels in order to sell a product for the greatest possible profit, and that could mean lying about the ingredients of their products. We stand on product quality; next year marks our 30th anniversary and our values remain today as they did then: product quality without compromise.

All our raw materials are purchased based on the purest possible USP pharmaceutical grade, manufactured either in Japan, USA, or Europe. Our products are all licensed by Health Canada and formulated for maximum cellular absorption. Hormonal products are vegetarian, with the exception of our raw tissue gland formulations. All amino acids are free form, and purity must be 99.9% or higher. We encapsulate our formulas in vegetarian capsules and not the cheaper animal gelatin form, because the quality of every component is paramount.

Our glandulars are concentrates (not extracts) and are derived from New Zealand range-grazed bovine. The grasslands are non-fertilized and the animals are not administered feed supplements, hormones or antibiotics. The glands are quick frozen, never exceeding -5C. Their cellular structure is not damaged and is preserved in a biologically active and live state. Source materials are not subjected to organic or aqueous solvents and therefore no chlorohydrocarbon remain as residue in the tissues.

Our skin creams use only natural preservatives for stability purposes, and fragrances are light, fresh, and fleeting, so they neither conflict with expensive perfumes, nor cause sensitivity to those with allergies.

We use the minimal amount of fillers for capsule fullness; either microcrystalline cellulose (vegetable source), stearic acid, flow agent (vegetable source), the capsule shell is cellulose -from vegetarian source, no animal gelatin is used.

It is not fare to group all Nutricutical companies in the same category, each must stand on their own, whenever transparency is an issue it gives good reason for the public to be weary.

We go and beyond at Life Choice®, for not only do we produce our products for the consumer and health care professional, but we also take them personally and stand firmly behind each and every product we manufacture. Consumers have the full legal right to demand quality in the supplements they are taking and if the companies are found to be fraudulent then they should be held accountable, but only after assuring there was no stone unturned and all the facts have been considered.

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Eldon Dahl, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Life Choice Ltd. Eldon has nearly three decades of experience in the naturopathic and natural healing industries. In his executive role with the company, Eldon oversees all daily operations, he also spearheads all health research into medical conditions—specifically anti-aging and chronic disease treatments.

Eldon graduated with a Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine in 1988, he entered the field after witnessing family members struggle with cancer and recognizing a connection between nutrition and disease. He attributes his success in the industry by not compromising on core values, and using the highest quality raw materials in all formulations. His mission statement of “Healing the Nation, One Person at a Time” really says it all.

Outside of his work with Life Choice, Eldon gives back to the community through his volunteer efforts offering free supplements to naturopathic satellite clinics.

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