Sunday, July 12, 2015

Consumer Checklist To Ensure Supplement Quality

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Consumer Checklist to Ensure Supplement Quality 


Customers often ask us, "If a product is licensed shouldn't it be high quality and therapeutic?" Ideally, it should be, but all products are not created equal. Because of the different sources of raw materials, NPN licensing simply becomes window dressing. It hides the real issue and creates empty hope for those who are suffering and seeking natural relief.

When pursuing quality, price is often reflected in what you pay. When the price seems just too good to be true, the bargain may actually cost you more than the higher quality version.

Almost all raw materials are produced in China, where quality is suspect. For more info on this, see the Kastel testimony linked here. Over 80% of vitamin C is from Chinese origin, and produced by GMO corn. Price is the priority, not quality--products are manufactured quickly and for the cheapest price. When the package costs more than the contents, are you really saving money and improving your health? If you are buying supplements in big box stores or the dollar stores, don’t expect miracles, and if it has a natural product number (NPN), that is no assurance: you get what you pay for.

Supplements that are produced to be marketed at the lowest possible price seek the wrong objective. If seeking therapeutic value is your desired outcome, then quality is worth every penny paid, whereas cheap supplements that pass through without cellular delivery just become expensive urine.

Many older women today are at risk. They are taking calcium supplements like Caltrate to prevent osteoporosis, and it’s not getting absorbed; instead, it’s causing calcification of the arteries and the brain in the form of plaque, which is responsible for calcium spurs. This medical condition is known as hypercalcemia, and the primary cause is hyperparathyroidism (overproduction of parathyroid hormone by the parathyroid glands). An overabundance of the wrong form of calcium in the diet, and an excess of non-absorbable vitamin D, can worsen the condition.

Many people today have become skeptics: do the supplements they take actually work? In this article, editor Kiera Butler questions the point of taking vitamins, since many overpromise and under deliver, or worse.

I think that is a great starting position, and believe everyone taking supplements should be questioning everything they take.

Below is a list of things we at Life Choice can check off our own list (click to enlarge); it could be useful when considering which supplement to go with.

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