Sunday, May 17, 2015

Prepare For Allergy Season

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Prepare for Allergy Season


With allergy season coming, According to the AAFA, "Rhinitis may be caused by irritants or allergens (substances that provoke an allergic response). In response to these substances, the cells of the body release histamine and other chemical mediators. These are the substances that cause the symptoms of allergic rhinitis—sneezing, runny nose, and itching, watery eyes. In many people, rhinitis is a temporary condition that clears up on its own after a few days. In others, especially those with allergies, rhinitis is a chronic problem—one that is nearly always present or that recurs often." When nasal passages swell, an infection called sinusitis may also develop.

It's time to stock up on Doctor's Choice Immunity products!

Ephedra acts as a decongestant, aids in the proper elimination of fluids, and relieves bronchial spasms; these properties make it valuable to sufferers of allergies, asthma, colds, and other respiratory complaints. 
For five thousand years, Chinese medicine relied on derivatives from plants of the genus Ephedra to treat asthma and hay fever. 

We recommend Ephedra be taken with Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver, when inhaled, can help reduce inflammation in the sinuses. Doctor's Choice Colloidal Silver is made without nanoparticles, in a 20 ppm electrically charged homeopathic formula. It is a clever combination of a time-tested antiseptic and disinfectant with a homeopathic method of preparation, producing an excellent remedy against bacterial infection and immune-boosting. 
Upcoming Event: Webinar with Eldon Dahl, trained naturopathic doctor, Founder/Ceo of Life Choice & Doctor's Choice!

Information about the first webinar:
Title: “When Quality Matters”
Disease is on the rise at pandemic proportions, and when disease strikes would natural medicine be an option?  

Date: May 13, 2015
Time: 5:30 pm (MST)
Instructions to Join: 

  • By Computer/Tablet/Smartphone: Go to this link:           
  • By Phone: Call either number, using access code 894-808-965 
    Canada (Toll-free): 1 877 777 3281
    Canada +1 (647) 497-9380

**Retailers: Receive 10% off your next order placed between May 13-20 as a thank you for participating in this webinar! Please send us a logo if you plan to participate; we will use it to promote your chain as a webinar sponsor for free!**
Eldon Dahl, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Life Choice Ltd. Dr. Dahl has nearly three decades of experience in the naturopathic and natural healing industries. In his executive role with the company, Eldon oversees all daily operations, he also spearheads all health research into medical conditions—specifically anti-aging and chronic disease treatments.

Eldon graduated as a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine in 1988, he entered the naturopathic field after witnessing family members struggle with cancer and recognizing a connection between nutrition and disease. He attributes his success in the industry by not compromising on core values, and using the highest quality raw materials in all formulations. His mission statement of “Healing the Nation, One Person at a Time” really says it all.

Outside of his work with Life Choice, Dr. Dahl gives back to the community through his volunteer efforts offering free supplements to naturopathic satellite clinics.

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