Friday, April 10, 2015

Newsletter: Symptoms of Poor Digestion Could Contribute to Osteoporosis

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Symptoms of Poor Digestion Could Contribute to Osteoporosis

Heartburn is a common issue among those with poor digestion. However, new research suggests that people may want to think twice before popping heartburn medication.

new study published in the medical journal PLOS Genetics revealed over the counter and prescription heartburn medications, also known as proton pump inhibitors, reduce stomach acid. The problem is that stomach acid is also important for the intestines to absorb and distribute calcium to the bones. This could block the absorption of important nutrients. Dr Ricardo Battaglino, of the Forsyth Institute in the US, stated that this issue could also apply to popular antacids.

In another study published in the British Medical Journal, women who took proton pump inhibitors were 35% more likely to break a hip. The longer the women were on the medication, the higher their risk of fractures. By the time they had been on the medication for six to eight years, the risk had gone up to 50%. On the other hand, within two years of stopping the medication, the risk of fracture returned to normal.

Several lifestyle changes can help control acid reflux, including:
  • Avoid food, drinks and medicines that you find to be associated with heartburn irritation
  • Have smaller meals
  • Do not lie down for two to three hours after a meal
  • Lose weight if you are too big
  • Avoid increased pressure on your abdomen, such as from tight belts or doing sit-up exercises.
  • Stop smoking
Another useful lifestyle change would be a digestive enzyme, like the Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme from Life Choice. This amazing product is non-vegan, with power ingredients like ox bile, pancreatic enzymes, and kale. For even more complete gut health, consider our Laktokhan probiotic, as well. Our probiotic is shelf stable and human sourced for maximum relief. 
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