Friday, January 9, 2015

Natural Health: No Substitute For Quality

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No Substitutions

Happy New Year, everyone!

As you may have noticed, Doctor's Choice products are now coming with stickers which say, "Please Do Not Substitute."

We have implemented these stickers for one main reason: switching products could mean varying results. If a customer starts using Doctor's Choice Melatonin, for instances, and has great results, it could be tempting to generalize that all Melatonin would work the same way, and seek out a cheaper option.

The problem with this approach is that all raw materials is not created equally. Different companies have different approaches, and if another brand is focused on cutting costs, the raw materials will reflect that difference, resulting in a product that does not benefit the customer.

If a product is working, it's more productive and easier on ones systems to stay with that product rather than keep switching and looking for a deal. That is why we say "Please Do Not Substitute."

Doctor's Choice strives to maintain a consistent high quality in all our formulations, and to do so, we stick with proven raw material suppliers. We never purchase our ingredients based on price, but rather on purity.

To the discerning customer, this matters. Customers who frequent health food stores and who care about what they are putting into their bodies, want to purchase from a line they can trust. Fully informed customers are happy to make an investment in reliable products because they know what the long term reward will be.

Doctor's Choice is worth the investment.


Doctor's Choice is a professional line of natural therapeutic medicines. They are high quality  nutraceuticals that are exclusive only to naturopath doctors and clinicians.

The product line is complimentary to the Life Choice  brand that was introduced into the marketplace over 25 years ago by Dr. Eldon Dahl a  trained naturopath and the founder and CEO of the Life Choice and Doctor's Choice brand of high quality professional, therapeutic medicines.

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