Sunday, January 11, 2015

January Is Alzheimer's Awareness Month In Canada

Alzheimer's: 72 Percent Of The Reported Cases 
In Canada Are Female

January is Alzheimer's Awareness Month In Canada

Alzheimer's disease and related dementia are degenerative brain disorders that affect over 750,000 Canadians. They take their toll on hundreds of thousands of families and caregivers.

The  Alzheimer's Society of Canada has designated January 2015 as Alzheimer's Awareness Month. The title of this years campaign is 72 Percent. Its goal is two fold. First, to help raise awareness about the fact that women represent 72% of those living with the disease in Canada. And second, to inform woman in their 40s and older about the warning signs of Alzheimer's disease, brain health and how the Society can help them better cope with or understand the disease.

According to information release by the Society "the reason there are more woman than men living the with disease has a lot to do with the fact that women tend to outlive men. Age is a significant risk factor in the development of Alzheimer's leading to more women developing it in their older age."

Also, according to the Society, "while men also often received a diagnosis of dementia, the impact of such a diagnosis on women is twofold." Citing information from a Canadian Study of Health and Aging Work Group in 1994, "women accounted for 70% of family caregivers, which can lead to a large toll on the woman who eventually have to provide round the close care for those who are infected with the disease. This burden increases in households where woman also have to hold down jobs."

According to the Society's CEO Mimi Low-Young "women lead busy hectic lives often paying the price with their own health and well being. The focus on this year's campaign is to ask them to invest the time in understanding the warning signs. Whether they are concerned about getting Alzheimer's, have just been diagnosed, or are a caregiver, we want women to reach out and to know that we are there to help."


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