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What Is The Difference Between Life Choice TM and Doctor's Choice TM Brands?


What Is the Difference between Life Choice TM and Doctor's Choice TM Brands?

Life Choice TM is a consumer-based, over the counter Nutraceutical line sold to health food stores, compounding pharmacies and abroad. The USP pharmaceutical grade, non-GMO raw material quality, and fermented amino acids are the same used in both the Life Choice TM and the Doctor’s Choice TM brands: we simply can’t buy anything of a higher quality.

Doctor’s Choice TM is a licensed practitioner-based brand sold exclusively to licensed health care providers in Canada and the USA. Doctor’s Choice TM will never be sold directly to consumers nor allowed to be sold OTC in compounding pharmacies. The brand is 100% prescribed and never discounted.

Licensed practitioners have requested an exclusive line made exclusively available to licensed health care practitioners. They wanted to ensure that their patients used the products prescribed. So often, their patients would return saying that the medication was not effective. Then the ND would learn that the patient substituted Life Choice for another brand of lesser quality. In addition, doctors were helping pharmacies and health food stores thrive monetarily based on their patients finding equal or similar brands at lower prices. Did you know that some health food stores earn a large percentage of their revenue based on the knowledge given by health care practitioners? Some stores near larger clinics earn as much as $250,000 per quarter. That profit could be in the hands of the ones that originated the interest--the licensed practitioners.

In addition, Doctor’s Choice TM brand has several protocols associated with treating various health conditions. These cannot be given to health food stores, for they do not have a license to prescribe. Also, we have several licensed therapeutic remedies not yet manufactured, since they are not appropriate to health food stores. One would be our Tremor Relief treating Parkinson’s disease. The level of knowledge and education is also different regarding bioactive vitamins compared to standard vitamins, such as P5P compared to pyridoxine and bioactive folate.

We have just begun to build our practitioner brand, and with the help of our licensed colleagues. We plan to give them what they need to succeed--not only in their practice, but also in their business.

Should you have a question, need clarification or have an idea or product needed please do not hesitate to call, email or fax. You can also reach us online at Doctor's Choice is also on Facebook (link below), and we offer access to the Natural Standard database, which can be found here.

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