Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doctor's Choice Brand: NPN Enforcement Is Here

NPN Enforcement Is Here

by Dr. Eldon Dahl, (ND) founder and CEO of Life Choice Ltd:
Manufacturer of The Life Choice And Doctor's Choice Brands

(Calgary, AB) As most health retailers know, all natural health products now require a NPN number to be legally sold. Whether we agree with the regulations for licensing or not, at the moment, this is the law and it will be enforced. Life Choice is not in agreement of having natural health products in a sub-class of drugs, but until this is changed, this is where we find ourselves.

The real issue here is being in compliance vs. not being in compliance: those not in compliance do not adhere to the labeling standard, meaning they can put any health claim on their bottle and in their advertisements while having no clinical backing or authority to use these claims. If not properly substantiated to be factual, these non-compliant manufacturers could be sued for deceiving the public with the claims made in their advertisements.

This creates a disadvantage for those who have their products licensed. They must state only the medicinal claims given for their formulations or risk losing their licensing. They must also put French and English warning and caution statements on their product labels. These licensing requirements cost money to implement, and give an unfair price advantage to those not in compliance who are selling their products at a lower price point.Again, Life Choice is not in agreement about having to put caution and warning statements on our labels; we do not feel they are required. We believe they are mandatory due to potential interactions between supplements and prescription drugs. However, if someone is under the direction of a natural health care provider, the need for prescription drugs would be eliminated and render such warnings unnecessary. Still, unless change comes through the justice system, the cards have been dealt and we must play the hand we have been given.
Health Canada’s current campaign is to remove all "unlicensed" dietary supplements from the market. Health Canada has hired 200 enforcement agents to ensure that products comply to the regulations. These agents have the power to remove products from store shelves, and it is assumed that they will do whatever it takes to see that the NHPD regulations are enforced, from the suppliers to the retailers. Also assumed is their legal ability to lay criminal charges against those who are perceived to not be compliant. This is their only legal option, because under our constitutional laws, federal government departments have only police powers.
While we do not subscribe to the principles upon which compliance is based, all Life Choice products are in fact NPN compliant, and we will continue to deliver the highest quality NPN-licensed products on the market.
Dr. Eldon Dahl is a trained naturopath, and the Founder and CEO of Life Choice® nutraceutical product line

Doctor's Choice is a professional line of natural therapeutic medicines. They are high quality nutraceuticals that are exclusive only to naturopath doctors and clinicians.

The product line is complimentary to the Life Choice brand that was introduced into the marketplace over 25 years ago by Dr. Eldon Dahl, a trained naturopath and the founder and CEO of the Life Choice brand and the Doctor's Choice brand of high quality professional, therapeutic medicines.

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